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Workholding Tools - NP Products Division

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We’ve manufactured precision pneumatic presses and mechanical presses since the 1950s. Thanks to our reputation for quality, reliability, and rapid service, we’ve expanded significantly since then. One of our latest expansions is our NP products division. The division houses all of JT & M’s workholding tools for punch presses: including the HandiDress, Deepool, Plurol-Stop and Way Cover.

Seamlessly Adjust Press Indicators with Janesville’s Indicol and Adjustol HoldersCustom Indicol and Adjustol Holders

Our innovative Indicol with Adjustol is a corrective that let’s you adjust your press indicator without disturbing it. It works with all the indicators in JT & M’s presses as well as the adaptable Indicol, a universal supporting means on a dial test indicator. The logical “C” spring design on both means zero backlash and extreme accuracy when adjusting indicators.