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Arranged For Assembly - Add Suffix (-A)

Price: $89.00

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In Stock

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1. Optional (-A) Attachment Plate:

500-18 for #1MDS; Uses 2X 10-32 x .50 LG SHCS.

500-19 for #2-7MDS.; Uses 2X 1/4-20 .50 LG SHCS.

2. 1/4-20 UNC Hole in lower die plate is on ram center line.

3. Presses are supplied with the 500-15 Lower Bushing and S.H.C.S. 1/4-20 x 1.00" Lg. for use in the ram center hole in the base plate of the press.  Designed to be inserted underneath the press base plate and threaded up into the bottom base plate of the die set for a secure connection. 

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Arranged For Assembly - Add Suffix (-A) $89.00 View Product