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A high-quality manual arbor press can help seasoned reloaders and new shooters alike create custom ammunition safely and effectively. A reloading press from Janesville Tool will make the tedious process of reloading more efficient and less time-consuming with a single stroke of the handle. A quality reloading press will allow you to create precision ammunition round after round. Our reloading presses can be customized and fitted with the proper accessories to create your perfect reloading tool that matches the needs of your specific loads. Janesville Tool also offers die sets for reforming and prepping fired cases. Use the table below to find the ideal press for your reloading applications.


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Types of reloading presses

  • Single Stage Reloading Press

Single-stage presses are the most common type of reloading instrument. This press type can only hold a single die at a time and performs only one procedure until another die is inserted. Single-stage presses are commonly used for producing rifle ammunition in low volume. This press type has the slowest output but is the most affordable.    

  • Turret Reloading Press

Turret presses hold multiple dies which can be manually or automatically indexed. A turret press requires multiple strokes of the lever to assemble a completed cartridge. Compared to a single-stage press, a turret unit can create more rounds per hour and can be quickly configured to handle rifle or pistol cartridges.  

  • Progressive Reloading Press

Progressive presses produce a completed round of ammunition with every stroke of the lever. A rotating carousel holds a series of cartridge cases that cycles through a series of dies with each operation. when the ram is cycled, several operations are completed simultaneously and the completed cartridge is discharged into a separate container. 

Common uses for custom arbor presses from Janesville Tool include:


Frequently Asked Questions About Reloading Arbor Presses

Can you use an arbor press for reloading?

Yes, arbor presses are an excellent choice for reloading ammunition. A quality arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing will provide consistent results and last for generations.

What is a progressive reloading press?

A progressive reloading press uses multiple dies simultaneously to resize, charge, load, and seat a bullet every time the handle is pulled. Progressive presses can create loaded cartridge faster than a single-stage or turret press.

What is a single-stage reloading press? 

Single-stage presses use one die at a time to resize, load or compress the bullet on a single cartridge at a time. 

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