American Made Die Sets

Customized for Any Application

At Janesville Tool, we pride ourselves on producing the best Arbor Press Dies available on the market—and have the history to prove it. Manufacturers have trusted in the reliability of our die sets since the 1950’s, because they are 100% American-made to be the strongest, most durable build you’ll find. That durability allows us to provide dies you can rely on for a lifetime.  

We also understand that everyone’s application is unique. That’s why we provide customized die sets to ensure your die is optimized to your workbench and job. Take your pick of bushing type, pin length, steel finish, and various other options so you can be sure your die set will get the job done right.

The Right Die Set for Your Process

Tell us a little bit about what you need for your die set and we'll see if we have something off the shelf that will work. Browse by finish/material, post configuration, and bushing. If you have specific needs for your application, any of our die sets can be customized for you.

Find Dies For Your Molds & Tooling: