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Die Sets Customized for Bending Application

Whether you’re an at-home jeweler looking to shape thin metals, an industrial shop needing consistent straightening of metal bars, or anything in between, we have the custom die for your job. Our 100% American-manufactured steel die sets are the strongest in the industry and the best to support your bending application.

Get a custom die set for your arbor press ASAP, 24-hour shipping is available when you shop Janesville Tool & Manufacturing arbor presses.

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Outfit Your Workbench with our Wide Selection of Die Sets

Our die sets come standard with hardened pins and long-wear bushings with optional lengths to fit your job. From high-density A36 steel for larger projects to 300 series stainless steel for precision assembly, Janesville Tool offers a wide range of press die sets optimized for you, check out our array of press die components as well. 

Our dies are specialized for a variety of press applications:

Manufacturers have trusted the quality of our punch press die sets since the 1950's. Contact us now for steel die sets with impressive longevity. 

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