USA- Made Four Post Die Sets

Precision surface ground with hardened ground bushings and hardened A-36 Steel pins for extended wear, our four-post die sets are typical of the high-quality die sets and die set components produced by Janesville Tool and Manufacturing. For over 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing precision-made parts in our Janesville WI facility. In addition to these die sets, we offer custom fabrication of die sets and die set components to your specifications. Simply let us know what you need and we will provide you a quote.

We specialize in customizing die sets. If your application has specific needs, get in touch:

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4 post 6 inch die set

Base dimensions: 8.190" x 7.375"
Standard Pin Length: 6.750"
Material: A-36 Steel


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8 inch 4 post die set for arbor presses

Base dimensions: 9.375" x 10.190"
Standard Pin Length: 6.750"
Material: A-36 Steel


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Custom Die Sets For Presses

Purchase dies the way you want with Janesville Tool & Manufacturing. We offer superior customization options to ensure your receive specifically-designed tools to meet your requirements. Our custom die sets are ideal for the following applications:

  • Cutting: Precision-machined die sets are essential to creating precise cuts with no burs. 
  • Forming: Forming dies from Janesville Tool are manufactured to exacting standards to perform any forming task.
  • Bending: Quality bending dies can increase the versatility of an automatic or manual arbor press. Our bending dies are constructed with hardened A36 steel pins and oversized bushings. 
  • Punching: A punch die makes creating holes in plastic, metal or leather fast and precise.
  • Riveting: An arbor press makes short work of setting rivets without posing a risk to your material.      

Four Post Die Sets for Sale from Janesville Tool & ManufacturingFour Post Die Sets with Bushings and Hardened Pins For Long Wear

Four post steel die sets are precision surface ground and come equipped with hardened ground bushings, allowing for close tolerance fit. A-36 Steel with hardened pins for extended wear.

Pin diameters and lengths

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