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Set rivets smoothly with a quality manual arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing

Using a hammer to set eyelets and rivets is not only tedious, it’s also inaccurate. An arbor press, with a few modifications, makes setting rivets, eyelets and snaps considerably easier.

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With a manual arbor press, you’ll not only save time on snaps and rivets, you’ll also spare yourself a lot of frustration.

Whether you’re installing grommets on heavy canvas sailcloth, putting snaps on leather, or riveting denim, a customized manual arbor press will speed up your production and give you consistently excellent results. It can also save you money by not having your materials ruined by a poorly executed rivet. With presses ranging from 1/8 ton to 4-ton, there’s one for any size job.

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All Janesville Tool benchtop presses are manufactured in our Janesville, WI facility and can be customized to your specific needs. Our engineering team will work with you to develop a press that works for you. With manufacturer-direct pricing and 24-hour shipping, there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Don’t risk your finished product being ruined by trying to do it by hand or with a homemade vice press that gives you inconsistent pressure and results. A Janesville Tool manual press will give you consistently perfect rivets, snaps and grommets.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Riveting With An Arbor Press

How do you press rivets?

While using a hammer or homemade vice press might seem like a sufficient option for pressing rivets, the results aren't always consistent. Cut down on wasted time and materials by using a quality manual arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing. We'll make sure the press you receive is the right tool for the job.

How much tonnage is required to press rivets?

Determining the amount of tonnage needed to press rivets depends on the kind of material and the thickness of material the rivet is being inserted into. We offer a wide selection of presses ranging from 1/8 tons to 4 tons in capacity. Contact Janesville Tool & Manufacturing to confirm which arbor press capacity fits your application the best.

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