DT-6000 Manual Precision Deep Throat Lever Press

Building high-quality US-made manual presses such as the DT-6000 precision deep throat lever press has been our mission for over 50 years. Our presses and components are made in our Janesville, Wisconsin manufacturing facility. We manufacture several versions of this 1/2 ton press that comes in different types such as manual lever and deep throat full stroke.

US-made arbor presses and parts don't have to be difficult to find. Please check our dimension and price chart to find the best solution for your needs or use our Press Customization Form for a custom built solution.

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DT-6000 1/8 Ton Manual Precision Deep Throat Lever Hand Press

Force capacity: 1/8 ton
Max stroke length: 12"
Throat depth: 11.9"
Base dimensions: 9.88" x 19.5"
Height: 14.75"

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DT-6000-FS 1/8 Ton Manual Deep Throat Full Stroke Lever Hand Press

Force capacity: 1/8 ton
Max stroke length: 12"
Throat depth: 11.9"
Base dimensions: 9.88" x 19.5"
Height: 14.75"

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The DT-6000 manual precision deep throat lever press is best for large part production and circuit board assembly. Choose from the base model or upgrade to a full-stroke.

DT-6000 1/8 Ton Precision Deep Throat Lever Press - Base Model

The standard-model DT-6000 comes to you equipped with an adjustable handle. Its 11-and-5/8" throat clearance can be increased with riser blocks. 

It has an overall height of 10" under a 3/4" ground square ram, and its accuracy is improved with an adjustable gib.

DT-6000 1/8 Ton Deep Throat Full Stroke Lever Press

Like the base model, the DT-6000 full-stroke press contains an adjustable handle. Its anti-return lock system prevents the stroke from returning until the operation is complete.

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