Guitar fret arbor presses - buy ONE press for fretting

Customize your manual arbor press for guitar fretting

Whether you’re a luthier by trade or dabble in DIY guitar repairs, avoid the hassle of glue and the stress of fret hammers with a manual arbor press. A manual press from Janesville Tool ensures that each guitar fret is level. Inserting the metal frets unevenly into the fingerboard can inhibit guitar playing and will likely cause the strings to buzz, making the intonation sound terrible.

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Arbor Press for Guitar FrettingFret Arbor Press Machine for Guitar FrettingUsing a manual hand press machine in the beginning of the fretting process eliminates time spent leveling each fret later on. Our arbor presses are 100% American made and highly custom. This customization guarantees consistent self-leveling that can be hard to achieve with just a cheap fretting hammer.

The best sounding guitar is made of the best material and flawlessly crafted. An industrial grade hand press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing executes guitar fretting flawlessly every time. A cheap hand clamp will NOT get you the same results and stand the test of time. This is a one-time purchase you'll never have to make again.

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Benefits of guitar fretting with a manual arbor press:

  • Even fret installations
  • Faster
  • Quieter than a hammer

Using a fretting hammer is loud and if done incorrectly, the frets can fall out. Not to mention the added stress you’ll feel hammering your delicate, expensive musical instrument.

Don’t risk damaging new frets by using a fretting hammer on your guitar. Investing in a manual press means you can rest easy knowing each fret will be properly installed the first time. No time wasted practicing with a hammer or dealing with messy glue. If you’re working on your own collection or repairing and building guitars to sell, achieve consistently finished guitars with a Janesville Tool manual arbor press. These are top-of-the-line presses your grandchildren could be using 50 years from now.

Contact Janesville Tool & Manufacturing if you have any questions about customization options.