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Arbor Press for Guitar Fretting

Whether you’re a luthier by trade or dabble in DIY guitar repairs, you understand how important feel is to a guitarist. There's a great deal of skill required to get fretwork right. Many guitar buyers will turn to frets to determine the quality of craftsmanship. The best way to step up your game is by pressing frets in. By shelving your fret hammer, you'll avoid hassle, stress, and easily avoidable mistakes.

A manual press from Janesville Tool ensures each guitar fret is seated properly. If you're still clinging to your hammer because "that's how they did it in the old days," a hand press could very well change your tune. An arbor press will lay the frets down nicely so that the bottom of the fret wire is flush to the top radiused surface of the fretboard - with no gaps. Using a manual hand press machine is more precise and minimizes the time you have to spend leveling the frets later on. You'll begin pressing frets in more consistently across the surface from one side of the fretboard to the other. Make the switch and improve your fretwork.

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Fret Arbor Press Machine for Guitar FrettingUSA-made fret arbor press

A fret press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing makes re-fretting your guitar quick and consistent. A mini arbor press can be used to fret an attached neck, unglued fingerboard or a bolt-on neck. Unlike using a fretting hammer, a press guarantees consistent seating which keeps the fret ends flush with the fingerboard. Our arbor presses are 100% American-made and built to exacting standards. 

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Benefits of guitar fretting with a manual arbor press:

Whether you’re a professional luthier or an avid guitar enthusiast, a fret press from Janesville Tool will make your refretting jobs easier and faster. Using a dead blow fretting hammer takes skill to seat a fret properly in the slot. Using a press allows for greater precision and achieves a more uniform fret height for increased player comfort. Fretting using a press produces no recoil and will not cause lose fret ends or potential damage to a fingerboard. Hammering in frets is a noisy process that requires hearing protection. With an arbor press, fret jobs are whisper quiet.       

Common applications for custom arbor presses from Janesville Tool include:

Frequently Asked Questions On Guitar Fret Arbor Presses

How do you press in frets?

Using an arbor press for laying frets ensures consistent results while cutting down on time spent leveling the frets. Skip the old method of hammering and pick up a specially picked arbor press for fretting guitars from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.

What is the recommended tonnage for guitar fretting?

While a 1/2 ton arbor press can suffice in some cases, getting the best results on each guitar fretting project is best accomplished with a 1-ton press.

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