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Steel Die Sets Customized for your Cutting Application

Leatherworkers, jewelers, and industrial manufacturers can all benefit from the ease and consistency of our arbor press dies. Cutting sheet metal, leather, and other materials is no challenge for these die sets. Presses and die sets from Janesville Tool apply slow, steady pressure, providing the cleanest and easiest cuts possible. Our die sets and all die parts are made entirely in the USA at our in-house facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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Our presses and die sets are all manufactured entirely in the US at the same factory in Janesville where we’ve been making top of the line presses for over 50 years. Few other press and die manufacturers can say the same. With our ability to custom design the die set to your specific needs, 24-hour shipping, and manufacturer-direct pricing, there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

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Custom Cutting Dies for Arbor Presses from Janesville Tool

Can’t quite find a die set that fits your cutting needs perfectly? Whether you need custom leather cutting dies, a sheet metal cutting die or anything else, our engineers will work with you to identify the best design for your needs and build it. Use our online CAD modeling program to input your specs, and we’ll get back to you with a quote on your custom die set.

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Janesville Tool & Manufacturing has been a leader in the industry for 50+ years. In this time, we've accumulated a vast catalog of dies for different applications all over the country. If you have special requirements for your press, let us know and we'll design your solution ourselves. Our presses are fully customizable, including our dies which have optional sizes and shapes to fit your job. To find a die set for your operation, contact us at Janesville Tool. 

Our dies are specialized for more than just cutting:

Manufacturers have trusted the quality of our punch press die sets since the 1950's. Contact us now for steel die sets with the impressive longevity of Janesville Tool and Manufacturing.

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