Cutting through the competition

Arbor press die for cuttingDie sets from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing are a cut above the rest. Known for their longevity and precision construction, Janesville Tool & Manufacturing dies for cutting are an absolute necessity for any shop. We also can deliver nearly all of our products to your manufacturing floor within 24 because we are located in Wisconsin, and all of our products are 100% USA made

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Dies Built However You Need

Janesville Tool stocks an abundance of punch press die sets for precision assembly projects. In 50+ years in the die set industry, we’ve accumulated an array of sets for manufacturers, but, as always, we will work with your engineers to modify die sets if needed; longer pins and alternate pin positions are available on request. Our steel die sets are precision surface ground for tolerance. Choose stainless steel sets for harsh environments prone to corrosion. We even specialize in power die sets and flange stock for press mounting.

Shop all die sets for arbor presses available for custom manufacturing or purchase online from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.