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Janesville Tool & Manufacturing has been a leading provider of custom servo presses for manufacturers throughout the USA for over 60 years. Our servo presses use high-precision electric motors to precisely control ram or slide motion. Renowned for their accuracy, energy efficiency, and versatility, our customizable servo presses are tailored for applications such as die cutting, metal stamping, forming, drawing, blanking, and more.

Experience the pinnacle of precision technology and decades of expertise with JT&M’s fully customizable servo presses for sale. All our presses and parts are manufactured in-house at our facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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JT&M SP4 4-Post Frame Servo Press
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JT&M - SPC C-Frame Servo Press
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How to Customize a Servo Press Model

Build your own servo press with fully customizable product specifications and accessories. We offer six design options so that you can build a unique servo press model that fits your machining needs. Our step-by-step process makes it easy for you to customize your press with the following product specifications:

Select a Frame
SPC C-Frame
SP4 4-Post
Determine the Stroke
100 mm
200 mm
300 mm
400 mm
Determine Force Requirements * Requires 220V Power ** Requires 480V Power
.8 kN
1.5 kN
4* kN
7* kN
12** kN
17** kN
Determine Voltage
Select Accessories
B: Buzzer
L: Colored Light
Determine Interface
1: 10" HMI
0: No Interface
  • Step 1: Select a Frame

    • We offer two basic frame options. Select between the SPC C-Frame or SP4 4-Post Frame.
  • Step 2: Determine the Stroke

    • Choose from four stroke lengths ranging from 100 mm to 400 mm.
  • Step 3: Determine Force Requirements

    • Specify your press's force needs with six kilonewton (kN) measurements. Force ranges start at 0.8k kN and go up to 17.0 kN.
  • Step 4: Select Voltage

    • Servo Presses are available in 3 voltage options: 110V, 220V, and 480V. Available voltage options may depend on force range selection.
  • Step 5: Add Accessories

    • Upgrade the functionality of your servo press with custom additions and accessories. Add-ons include safety light curtains, a pass/fail light, and a buzzer.
  • Step 6: Choose HMI Interface

    • JT&M servo presses can integrate key components such as a 10” Human Machine Interface (HMI). This provides a user-friendly interface for machine operators to control the press and monitor adjustments.

Servo Press Uses

Servo presses are advanced manufacturing machines designed for a variety of precision machining tasks in diverse industries. JT&M presses are widely used in the US defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and medical equipment manufacturing industries, as well as in thousands of specialty operations, artisans and repair shops throughout the country.

The versatile task capabilities and customization options of servo presses make these machines an ideal tool for the following industrial applications:

Customizable Servo Presses from JT&M

Shop our 100% Made-In-USA Custom Servo Presses for sale from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing. We are proud to offer manufacturer-direct pricing for all of our presses and parts which are sold, manufactured, and shipped from our in-house facility in Janesville, WI. We also offer a FREE application test on custom press machines to make sure your product is perfectly built for your application.

Contact us today for a quote on custom servo presses.