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For pressing, punching, bending, staking, and shearing of light gauge stock, precision manual toggle presses from Janesville Tool and Manufacturing are just the ticket. Precision crafted in our Janesville, Wisconsin manufacturing facility, these presses exemplify the quality workmanship that has made our product the choice of US defense, aerospace, telecommunications, and medical industries. With manufacturer direct pricing and prompt 24-hour shipping on all products, there's no reason to settle for anything less than the best.

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T-960 2 Ton Manual Precision Hand Lever Toggle Press

Force capacity: 2 ton
Max stroke length: 1"
Throat depth: 4.25"
Base dimensions: 5" x 13"
Height: 16.12"

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Manual Toggle Presses with Customization Options

Toggle presses from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing offer increased versatility and simple operation. Our heavy-duty T-960 presses are designed for pressing, punching, bending, staking, and shearing high-strength metals. Toggle presses are used for heavy industrial tasks and are designed to exert the maximum output force when at full extension. The T-960 press features a non-rotating ram and a push-pull plunger to produce consistent action throughout the travel. If you need a toggle press for a specific application, our team will work with you to develop a custom press to meet your needs.  

T-960 2-Ton Manual Toggle Press


Force Capacity

  2 tons

Max Stroke Length


Throat Depth


Base Dimensions

5” x 13”



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