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Janesville Tool and Manufacturing specializes in precision made die sets and die set components. For over 50 years, we’ve been manufacturing high-quality parts in our own facility in Janesville WI. These flame cut, stress relieved and Blanchard ground die sets come with tool adapter and die set mounting pre-assembled. We also offer installation on our A-5000 pneumatic series presses. If you require something with different specifications, let us know. We offer custom manufacturing of any parts sold on our website. Just tell us what you need and we'll provide a quote.

If your application has specific needs, get in touch. We specialize in customizing die sets.

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Model 4PDS Four Bushing Power Die Set

Base dimensions: 17.63" x 8.42"
Standard Pin Length: 35.20" - 47.70"
Material: A-36 Steel


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Model 4PDS Four Bushing Power Die Set

Base dimensions: 
Standard Pin Length: 
Material: A-36 Steel


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Power Die Sets for Sale from Janesville Tool & ManufacturingPower Die Sets Custom Manufactured

Power Die Sets are flame cut, stress relieved, and blanchard ground. Installation is available on the A-5000 series JT&M pneumatic presses. Power Die Sets come equipped with tool adapter and die set mounting assembled.

Please note - Power Die Set is shown with A-5000 Series Pneumatic Press.  Press is sold separately!  See A-5000 Series Pneumatic Presses for more information.

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