Arbor press for plastic: a precision tool for any material

Once looked down upon, plastic has secured its place as a modern manufacturing material. With its relatively lighter weight than metal and the ability to have wildly different properties, plastics are everywhere and showing no sign of leaving. An arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing will give you the edge your business needs to stay ahead.

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Arbor press for plastic

Every JT & M pneumatic press is equipped with three-inch stroke and adjustable down stop anti-rotate mechanisms. Standard solenoid valves provide built-in adjustable flow control. You can also have an arbor press customized to your specifications.

Shop all arbor presses and find the "build custom CAD models to your specs" button to use the tool.

All JT&M pneumatic presses feature:

  • Nonmetallic bearings to reduce friction for lube-free operation
  • Dual hand anti-tie down/anti-repeat controls
  • Alternate stroke lengths available on request
  • Modifications available for any specifications
  • User-proven reliability for over 60 years

*Product specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.

Custom arbor presses from Janesville Tool are commonly used for:


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