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An arbor press and a custom die set from Janesville Tool can create a punching press that few benchtop punch presses will be able to compete with. All die sets from Janesville Tool apply slow, steady pressure and attach easily to most arbor presses so they will work perfectly for all applications, whether you’re looking to use some sheet metal punch dies or use your press as a leather punch press.

You’ll get the most accurate and consistent punches possible with a die set from Janesville Tool. They are also designed with durability in mind and are built from A-36 steel or stainless steel, so they will last in even the most rigorous of environments. All arbor presses, die sets and die components are manufactured entirely in the USA in-house at our facility in Janesville Wisconsin.

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Like all of Janesville Tool’s products, our die sets, both standardized and customized, are manufactured exclusively in the United States. Not only that, but they are also built in-house at the same factory in Janesville, Wisconsin that we have been building the best presses and dies in the industry from for over 50 years. Very few to no other press manufacturers can say anything similar, most can’t even say that they’re manufactured entirely in the US. We provide 24-hour shipping and manufacturer-direct pricing, since there is no middle-man. We can also help you design or build a custom die set entirely to your specs, so there is no reason to settle for anything less than the best from Janesville Tool.

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Get Custom Punching Dies Built for Your Specific Needs & Specs

Standardized die sets aren’t going to fit all of your needs for a punch press die set, but don’t worry about it. We can make the time-consuming task of trying to find the perfect hole punch die set much easier. Our engineers will work with you to help identify the design that would best fit your needs and then manufacture your custom-made die set. Otherwise, if you already have your ideal specs in mind, enter them into our online CAD modeling program and we’ll get back to you with a quote for your custom punch die set.

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Die Sets for any application

Die sets manufactured by Janesville Tool & Manufacturing are built to exacting standards and designed to last for decades. Contact us today for more information on arbor presses, dies, and more accessoriesOur die sets are customized for a range of applications including:

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