Janesville Tool & Manufacturing Catalog

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Front Cover View PDF

Pneumatic Presses:

History / Pneumatic Press Options View PDF
Pneumatic Press Options View PDF
A-500 Series View PDF
A-1000 Series View PDF
A-2000 Series View PDF
A-3000 Series View PDF
A-5000 Series View PDF
A-6000 Series View PDF

Manual Presses:

ILP-500 Lever Press / DT-500 Deep Throat Lever Press View PDF
AP-810 / AP-810-RR View PDF
T-960 Toggle Press / T-963, T-965, T-967 Variable Ratio Presses View PDF
C-5000 / CA-5000 / Manual Press Attachments View PDF
DT-6000 Deep Throat Lever Press / multi-position fixtures, 0631, 0632 View PDF

Die Sets:

Die Sets View PDF
Die Sets / Cast Iron Die Sets With Ball Bushings View PDF
Flanged Stock Two Post Die Sets / Power Die Sets View PDF
Die Set Components View PDF
Back Cover View PDF
Value Added Services / CNC Machining View PDF