Press die sets for threading and rethreading

USA-Made die sets for thread cutting applications

Janesville Tool manufacturers precision thread cutting dies for precisely creating threads in steel or brass rods. The precision manufacturing process used by JT&M ensures that the finished threads are “sharper” and less likely to deform under use. Our thread-cutting dies are manufactured from high carbon steel to maximize surface hardness and ensure a long service life for the tool. Hex and round dies can be used to cut threads or repair stripped threads by “chasing” the damaged threads.

What is a threading die?

A threading die, also known as a threat cutting die is used to cut threads on cylindrical surfaces. Dies can be rotated around the workpiece using a purpose-built handle or die holder to create concentric threads.

What are the types of thread-cutting dies?

There are two main types of threading dies, solid and self-opening dies. Solid dies are used for cutting threads that have a small pitch and diameter. Self-opening dies are designed to automatically open after being disengaged from the workpiece. Self-opening dies are often used on lathes and screw machines.

What is the die threading process?

The most common method of producing threads is to use a thread-cutting die. The die is turned around a cylindrical rod where blades cut concentric threads into the rod. The manual cutting process creates long chips that will clog the die if they are not cleared. ⅔ of the turn is used to cut the threads and a ¼ reverse tun is used to clear the chips.