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Celebrating 60 years in business

In 2019 we’re celebrating our 60th year in business. We settle for nothing less than our perfectionist founder George Gilman would accept—and every tool is crafted with meticulous detail in his honor.

Everyone at Janesville Tool & Manufacturing is proud to be part of one of the world’s finest manufacturers of precision presses, die sets & tooling. Here’s to another 60 years!

Build a Press to YOUR Exact Specs

The life of the press is the life of the product. When you've got a new part in production, there's no cookie-cutter press that will do the job. Use our online CAD modeling program to input your specifications and get a quote on your own custom built pneumatic or mechanical press.

your options
your specs
your tool
Use our 3D CAD modeler

FREE Application Testing

No need to hold your breath or cross your fingers. We offer FREE in-house application testing on all press orders to ensure your tool is built perfectly.

FREE application test
Manual Full Stroke Punch Stamping Press

Pneumatic and Manual Presses and Components Ship Direct Within 24 Hours

Cut out the middleman
Save time and money
Talk to a Human Being
Swift turnaround
Maximize profit

Janesville Tool's Precision Assembly Presses are Manufactured ONLY in America

Our precision presses are optimized for accuracy. They're engineered and manufactured in the USA. Skip the cheap stuff from overseas. Our presses, die sets and parts are made 100% in-house in Janesville, Wisconsin. We ship pneumatic & mechanical presses direct throughout the country.

Manufacturer Info

Custom Arbor Press Machine & Die Set Manufacturing

Arbor press and die set manufacturer dedicated to precision assembly

Since the late ’50s, Janesville Tool and Manufacturing has been Wisconsin’s choice for precision pneumatic presses, servo pressesmanual presses and steel die sets. Our products, all made in America, are unsurpassed in craftsmanship. It’s why our precision assembly products are esteemed by defense, aerospace, medical, electronics, and telecommunications manufacturers nationwide.

JT & M offers C-Frame and 4 Post benchtop and large air presses for precision assembly manufacturing. We also offer mechanical presses that ensure consistent accuracy and automatic alignment. For short run projects, consider our free application test. We will test your application for free and recommend an optimal manual, servo or pneumatic press, or we can design your own with our CAD modeling application.

Janesville Tool modifies presses and die sets to your specifications

JT & M perfects your product with a wide array of available customizations. We offer numerous presses and die sets from stock—but we’ll modify any models to meet your needs: consider adding a quick exhaust valve, air filter, timer kit, or dual Opto-Touch® palm button. We’ll even collaborate with your engineering team to ensure a rapid-fire turn around and precise press customization.

Purchase presses and die sets direct for maximum savings

When you purchase from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing, we ship direct to your manufacturing floor without a middleman. You’ll save time and money and enjoy attentive customer service for your precision assembly press. If you have a question about your shop press or shipping, you won’t be bounced from robo-call to uninformed, outsourced technician. You’ll speak to a human—a representative of the manufacturer who built the press or die set.

Pneumatic and manual presses and components ship within 24 hours

Good luck finding this elsewhere: JT & M offers 24-hour shipping. Purchase the air or manual press for your application today online and receive it in a day or less. Swift turnaround yields maximum production—and maximum profit.

Get your project moving. Shop custom pneumatic presses available for sale from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.