A-500 Series Adjustable Pneumatic Presses

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A-0019 Precision Pneumatic Press
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A-066 Precision Pneumatic Press
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The A-500 series air press is trusted for quality because it’s engineered and manufactured in the USA like all JT & M shop presses. This entry-level adjustable pneumatic press features the same casting design as our Manual ILP 500 Precision Assembly Press. The 5/8 diameter hole ensures alignment with cylinder rod.

Standard Features

  • 5/8 diameter hole for cylinder rod alignment
  • Dual hand anti-tie down/anti-repeat controls
  • Three-inch stroke length
  • Adjustable down stop/anti-rotate mechanisms
  • Solenoid valve for flow control


  • You can configure each model individually by selecting the base model plus any additional attachments. If you need to purchase more than one of the same attachment, please go to the Attachment tab to the right.
  • Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
    • Tool Adapters 1/2" -13 Thread w/Special Nut (Model TA 1/2-Length) (Choice of Lengths 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-1/2")
    • Air Filter/Regulator (Model 512)
    • Die Sets
    • Alternate Stroke Lengths
    • Quick Exhaust Valves (Model 523)
    • Delay Timer (Model T-10A)
    • Dual Photo Optic Palm Buttons

Discontinued Models

  • A-0024
    • A-0024-A
    • A-0024-OT
    • A-0024-OT-A
  • A-0070
    • A-0070-A
    • A-0070-OT
    • A-0070-OT-A

We still sell parts for discontinued presses and seal kits for their cylinders. Give us a call for assistance.

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