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The base model in the ILP-500 manual hand press series.

Force capacity  1/2 ton
Max stroke length  6"
Throat depth  1.75"
Base length  5.54"
Base width  2.88"
Height  7.75"
1/2 Ton Manual Hand Press ILP-500
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The ILP-500 1/2 ton lever arbor press assures constant accuracy and automatic alignment. Many companies have found them ideal for small-parts production and assembly by installing a line of them, each tooled for a specific operation.

  • Dimensions: 7 3/4"h x 5 1/2"d x 2 7/8"w.
  • Opening: 5"h x 2 1/16" ram to column.
  • Two 1/4" holes are provided in base for anchoring.

This press is ideal for precision assembly work and for shearing, shaping, and punching of light-gauge stock, metal, or plastic. The 5/8" diameter precision ground ram is keyed into the head and is in precise alignment with the hole in the base.

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You can configure each model individually by selecting the base model plus any additional attachments.

The ILP-500 1/2 ton arbor press is available as a base model or with 3 different variations:

A highly versatile, custom 1/2 ton manual lever press for manufacturing.

The ILP-500 lever press may be easily customized for industrial uselight duty / mini forcecleanroomsjewelrymakingplastic materials, or PEM nuts. Our presses can be built for all sorts of different purposes:

Shop manual presses with custom manufacturing options available for online purchase from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.

Literature & Downloads

View the ILP-500 dimensional drawing

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Download the owner's manual


Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Adjustable Down Stop (Model ADS)
• Up-Stroke Limiter (Model USL)
• Die Sets
• Multiposition Fixture (Model 0631)
• Counter & Bracket (Model PC-500)
• Adjustable Handle Add suffix (-AH)
• Full Stroke Lock Add suffix (-FS)
• FS-500 Retrofit Service


Manual press attachments | Mechanical press parts


AP-810 1/2 Ton Manual Adjustable Head Precision Lever Hand Press
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AP-810-AH 1/2 Ton Manual Adjustable Handle Hand Lever Press
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AP-810-AH-FS 1/2 Ton Manual Adjustable Handle Full Stroke Precision Lever Hand Press
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AP-810-FS 1/2 Ton Manual Full Stroke Precision Lever Hand Press
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