Precision metal stamping machines - small industrial hand arbor presses for custom production

Small Press Machine for Metal Stamping

Our unique and highly versatile precision pneumatic air presses can be mounted in any position to meet the needs of your specific metal stamping application. Adjustable pressure and extensive customization options mean you get exactly what you need out of your pneumatic arbor press from Janesville Tool.

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Our pneumatic & manual hand presses are built to last a lifetime, and their air tubes can last up to 5 years or more before needing a replacement. Maintenance is minimal, so production is rarely disrupted. For short-run production or prototyping, they're ideal.

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Pneumatic Air Arbor Press for Metal Stamping

Primary metal stamping applications

Many industries require metal stamping as part of their production process. If you’re stamping steel, brass, aluminum, or even nonmetallic materials, you can increase your productivity and accuracy with a Janesville Tool & Manufacturing pneumatic press. Our presses are widely used for their many industrial applications, including:

Our presses range from basic models to highly customized versions. With force capacities ranging from .05 or less to 2 tons and up, we have a precision press for every application and type of metal.

Don’t struggle with cheap presses that constantly break. Investing in a quality press now will save you time and avoid repair costs down the road. Janesville Tool offers the highest quality presses on the market, and they’re all 100% made in America.

Frequently Asked Press Machine Questions On Metal Stamping

Is metal stamping hard?

While some forms of metal stamping can be done with a hammer, heavier-duty metal stamping requires a precision press. Take the hard work out of metal stamping and pick up a Janesville Tool press specially picked for your application.

How do you make metal stamping easier?

An easy way to stamp metal is with an arbor press. Choosing a press with the correct force capacity ensures a quality final product without breaking a sweat. 

What metal is used for metal stamping?

Common alloys used for metal stamping include steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, and aluminum. Having the right press for the type of metal you're working with helps to increase productivity and stamping accuracy.

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