Arbor Presses for Cleanroom Medical Devices

Janesville Tool and Manufacturing offers a wide range of manual and pneumatic arbor presses that can be adapted for the fabrication of medical equipment in cleanroom settings. Medical equipment manufacturers trust our presses to be safe for cleanroom environments. Our presses are widely used throughout the US aerospace, defense, telecom, and medical industries. With manual presses ranging from 1/8 ton to 4-ton and pneumatic presses ranging from 1/8 ton to 2 ½ ton, there’s one for virtually every application.

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Unlike many US manufacturers, Janesville Tool and Manufacturing actually makes our products in the United States. Nothing is outsourced to a foreign country. We’ve been designing and building our high-quality cleanroom presses, press die sets and work holding tools in our Janesville, WI manufacturing facility for over 50 years.

Arbor press for clean rooms

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Custom presses for most cleanrooms 

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing offers a custom build option on all our presses built with nickel-plated and stainless steel components for your cleanroom equipment.

Press Customization Form

Working from your input and specs, our engineers will design and build a custom press to work with your cleanroom application. Start with our online CAD modeling program to input your specs and options, then we’ll get you a quote.

Janesville Tool arbor presses are commonly used for:


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