Free Application Testing Service

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Janesville Tool & Manufacturing has been dedicated to customized production since the 1950s. We continue our commitment to working one-on-one with your engineering and manufacturing department to modify a punch press or die set unique to your specifications.

Your tooling never leaves our facility until fully tested for optimum performance. You supply the problem part in need of gluing, punching, bending, or assembling. JTM supplies the solution. Janesville Tool’s logic programming engineers time actions correctly, and no action takes place until called upon to do so. We offer safety curtains as well as 2 handed start controls for safe starts. Photo cells and cameras can be added for true “error proof operation.” Relieve the engineering pressure by letting JTM be your solution on your next production assembly machine.

Free Application Testing for Customized Presses and Die Sets

Not only will we modify any of our 24 stock presses for your OEM, but we’ll also test your application in-house to ensure you’re getting the product you need. Die sets and/or presses are costly, so save some money with our free application testing. Our skilled team of CNC programmers and machinists consistently produce top quality machined parts. Whether you have one part that we would machine on our tool room mill or lathe, or thousands utilizing our production pallet machines or bar feed lathes, we stand ready to satisfy your machining requirements. Specialty fixtures and tooling are also part of our value-added division.

Precision Assembly Solutions, Specialty Machining Fixtures and Prototypes

Our adept design team excels thrives on customization challenges. Complex or simple, we offer superior custom tooling solutions. With over 50 years in the business of manufacturing presses, you will see the natural progression to design and build only the best in custom tooling, fixtures. It will exceed your custom machining expectations.