We Sell Direct: Presses, Die Sets & Tools

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing offers manufacturer-direct industrial presses, die sets, and precision assembly products for sale. No middleman, no delays.

All of our products feature manufacturer-direct pricing and quick turnaround times. We provide fully custom-designed applications that are manufactured 100% in the USA and shipped directly from our facility in Janesville, WI.

Don't let your assembly and machining projects get lost overseas or caught up in delayed delivery timelines. Save time and money by ordering custom tooling and machining products from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing of Wisconsin.

60 Years in Business

Manufacturer Direct for Over 60 Years

Since 1959, JT&M has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of precision presses, die sets & tooling.

We have 60+ years of direct sales experience in nearly every industry. Our precision assembly products are esteemed by defense, aerospace, medical, electronics, and telecommunications manufacturers nationwide.

If you need a specialized press for your facility, all of our arbor presses, pneumatic presses, and manual presses are fully customizable using the form below.

What are the benefits of Manufacturer Direct?

Here at Janesville Tool & Manufacturing, 'manufacturer-direct' is more than just a business model – it's our commitment to providing you with a direct line to excellence. When we say manufacturer-direct machining services we mean that you, our valued customer, have a direct connection with us, the precision tool & die manufacturing experts.

The benefits of working with JT&M’s manufacturer-direct facility include:

  • Cost Savings Cost Savings

    Bypassing intermediaries reduces costs associated with distribution, allowing us to offer our products at a lower price.

  • Direct Communication Direct Communication

    We communicate quickly and directly with all of our customers to reduce response time for your inquiries, concerns, and feedback.

  • Personal Relationships Personal Relationships

    Since we work directly with you, we can understand your needs and tailor products to your preferences better than large corporations can.

  • Quick Order Fulfillment Quick Order Fulfillment

    All orders are fulfilled with quick turnaround times, leading to faster processing and shipping times.


Customer Support Person

Dedicated Customer Support

We understand the frustration of customer service runarounds with larger precision tool & die manufacturing companies. That’s why when you have concerns, you speak directly to us, not some outsourced personnel.

Our dedicated support team prioritizes quick communication and personal service to ensure your experience is seamless from start to finish.

Contact an expert and we will help you build a custom-built pneumatic or mechanical press.

Stay In Touch with Our Experts

At JT&M, we establish long-term relationships with each of our valued customers.

Our dedicated customer support team and precision machining experts work directly with your company throughout every custom manufacturing project and afterward. Building lasting partnerships means staying connected, understanding your evolving needs, and working collaboratively to exceed your expectations.

Choose Janesville Tool & Manufacturing as your value added supplier of precision assembly systems and production equipment.

Contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!