Arbor Press Machines for Jewelry Stamping

Jewelry making is easier with a high-quality manual arbor press from Janesville Tool & MFG

Whether you’re making jewelry full-time or as a part-time supplement to your income, you can step up your production with a manual arbor hand press. You’ll save time and money with an quality-built arbor press from Janesville Tool. With the increase in productivity, it'll pay for itself in short order.

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Jewelry Stamping Press MachineFrom earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings, a manual press can speed up your production to maximize your time and profits. A well-built manual press allows you to easily stamp shapes or designs into metals, wood or leather. Just position your material and pull the lever.

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Jewelry Making Arbor Press Machine

ONE customized press for your jewelry business

All our benchtop presses are 100% American made at our Janesville facility and can be customized for your specific needs. Our engineering team works with you to build the perfect press for your application and desired results. We offer manufacturer-direct pricing and 24 hour shipping, making our presses affordable and accessible to all clients.

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Once you’ve spent the money on jewelry making materials and have a winning design, don’t let the finished product be anything less than perfect by trying to do it by hand or with a homemade vice press that gives you inconsistent pressure and results. A consistent and reliable manual press from Janesville Tool means you’ll never worry about the results again.

Common uses for custom manual & pneumatic arbor presses include:

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