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AP-810 Manual Adjustable Head Precision Lever Press Click on Image to Enlarge

AP-810 Manual Adjustable Head Precision Lever Press

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The AP-810 Adjustable Lever Press is rated to withstand 1000 lbs. of force. This assembly press is ideal for small parts assembly, punching, shearing and staking of light gauge stock, metal, or plastic. The head can be adjusted for height with two (2) clamp screws. The press contains a 3/4 " square ground ram and an adjustable gib for continual accuracy.


You can configure each model individually by selecting the base model plus any additional attachments.

The AP-810 may be purchased as a base model or with 3 alternative arrangements:

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Literature & Downloads

View the AP-810 dimensional drawing

View the AP-810 parts breakout

View the AP-810 brochure

View the AP-810-AH-T brochure

View manual press options

View the 2018 price list


Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Stroke Limiters (Model SL)
• Multiposition Fixture (Model 0632)
• Die Sets
• Longer Column
• Counter & Bracket (Model PC-810)
• Adjustable Handle
• Arrange Press For Die Set Mtg
• Full Stroke Lock 
• FS-810 Retrofit Service


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