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Model 9657K407 Ram Return Spring

Price: $18.00

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In Stock

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Compression Spring

Zinc-Plated, Music-Wire, Closed & Flat End, 2" Long, 1.029" ID

Spring Type Compression
System of Measurement Inch
Length 2"
OD 1.219"
ID 1.029"
Diameter 0.095"
Compressed Length @ Maximum Load 0.57"
Maximum Load 32 lbs.
Rate 22.5 lbs./in.
Material Zinc-Plated Music-Wire Steel
End Type Closed and Ground
Rate Tolerance Not Rated
OD Tolerance Not Rated
RoHS Compliant

As you squeeze a compression spring, it pushes back to return to its original length. Rate is the amount of force required for every inch of compression. The higher the rate, the harder it is to compress the spring.

Zinc-plated springs have mild corrosion resistance.

Springs with closed and ground ends sit flat, so they won’t buckle.

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Model 9657K407 Ram Return Spring $18.00 View Product