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One of many versions in the AP-810 manual press series.

Force capacity  1/2 ton
Max stroke length  9.5"
Throat depth  2.76"
Base length  7.06"
Base width  4.06"
Height  11.63"
1/2 Ton Manual Hand Press Machine AP-810-AH-T-A (SL's)
    • 100% manufactured in the USA
    • FREE application testing
    • Build to YOUR specifications
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The AP-810-AH-T-A-2(SL's) 1/2 ton arbor press is rated to withstand 1,000 lbs. of force. This precision manual press is ideal for small parts assembly, punching, bending, shearing or staking of light gauge stock. The head can be adjusted for height with (2) clamping screws. The press comes standard with an adjustable gib for continual accuracy. Upon special request, the column length can be increased for more throat clearance.

Contact Janesville Tool with questions or for more information.



• ¾” Square Ground Rack

• Adjustable Handle

• (2) Stroke Limiters

• T-slot Base

• Attachment Button (Model 810-06) for Die Sets

• Lower Bushing (Model 500-15) for easy attachment of Die Sets

AP-810-AH-T-A-2 1/2 ton press dimensions

Unless otherwise specified - all dimensions are in inches:

AP-810-AH-T-2(SL's) Manual Arbor Press Dimensions Side ViewAP-810-AH-t-2(SL's) Manual Arbor Press Dimensions Side View

View the AP-810-AH-T-2(SL's) dimensional drawing to scale.


AP-810-AH-T-2(SL's) Hand Arbor Press BaseAP-810-AH-T-2(SL's) Arbor Press Ram Cross Section


You can configure each model individually by selecting the base model plus any additional attachments.

The  AP-810 1/2 ton press may be purchased as a base model or with 2 alternative arrangements:

A manual lever press all sorts of different industrial uses.

The AP-810-AH-FS lever press may be easily customized for industrial uselight duty / low forceclean roomsjewelry makingplastics, or PEM nuts. Janesville Tool & Manufacturing presses may be built for all sorts of different applications:

Shop all manual lever press machines available for sale online from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.

Literature & Downloads

View the AP-810-AH-T-2(SL) dimensional drawing

View the AP-810-AH-T brochure

View manual press options

View the 2019 price list

Download the owner's manual


AP-810-AH-T-2(SL’S) Mechanical Arbor Press Adjustable Handle Model

Adjustable Handle Model

The Left/Right Adjustable Handle Press was designed to benefit the left-handed production worker, but it also can come in handy when the operator needs to hold tooling or parts with their right hand and operate the press from the left for assembly convenience and flow. The handle can be adjusted on either side in 30° increments without removing the ram of the press.

Model AP-810 Adjustable Handle Kit


Resettable Counter and Bracket for AP-810-AH-T-2(SL’S) Manual Arbor Press

Resettable Counter & Bracket

This Counter attaches to many of our manual presses and allows you to accurately track parts production.

Model PC-810 Resettable Counter


AP-810-AH-T-2(SL’S) Pneumatic Arbor Press Die Sets

Die Sets

An economical lean way to cut the high costs of purchasing multiple presses to perform different applications. By tooling up several die sets, one press can be used to achieve multiple assemblies. A wide range of Die Sets are ready for 24 hour delivery after receipt of your order. Special machining and custom applications are available, along with several options for all your necessary die set needs. All JT&M Inc. die sets come standard with hardened pins and bushings for long wear.

  • A36 Steel Die Sets
  • A36 Steel Die Set with Ball Bushings
  • Flanged Stock Two Post Die Sets
  • Power Die Sets
  • Clean Room Die Sets
  • Custom Die Sets

All Die Sets can be arranged for assembly with your JT&M Inc. manual or pneumatic arbor press at a minimal cost.


Custom AP-810-AH-T-2(SL’S) Arbor Press Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Your design or our design, from concept to completion, let JT&M Inc. be your value added supplier.

Due to increasing demand from our customers, JT&M, Inc. is offering “Value Added Services” to better meet your needs for “One Stop Shopping” and “Turn Key Systems”.

Whether it’s a simple tapped hole in the end of a ram on one of our presses, or as complex as a complete die set or press assembly system, JT&M Inc. has equipment set up and ready for a quick turnaround utilizing the latest software, most common tooling, and fixturing available in manufacturing today.

Value added services

Category Lists:

Manual press attachments | Mechanical press parts

Spare Parts

500-11 Handle ($13.00)
500-12 Key ($14.00)
520 Relay ($33.00)
520G Oiler ($10.00)
6000-01 Frame ($505.00)
6000-05 Base ($493.00)
810-01 Cover ($34.00)
810-03 Hub ($46.00)
810-04 Handle ($16.00)
810-07 Post ($79.00)
810-08 Ram ($96.00)
960-06 Handle ($31.00)
960-09 Guard ($66.00)
967-07 Key ($20.00)
967-08 Guard ($47.00)
967-11 Handle ($33.00)
967-12 Hub ($68.00)


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ILP-500 1/2 Ton Precision Assembly Manual Hand Press - Base Model
Free Shipping
ILP-500-AH 1/2 Ton Adjustable Handle Manual Hand Lever Press
Free Shipping
ILP-500-AH-FS 1/2 Ton Adjustable Handle Full Stroke Manual Lever Hand Press
Free Shipping
ILP-500-FS 1/2 Ton Full Stroke Manual Lever Hand Press
Free Shipping

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