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200II Indicol w/Adjustol - 2 Click on Image to Enlarge

200II Indicol w/Adjustol - 2" Diameter "C" Frame

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WHAT INDICOL IS – It is primarily a super time saver, a universal supporting means of a dial test indicator.  It is readily available on the machine quill extension by using its “C” frame clamp without disturbing the mounted cutting tool.  Its frame is designed with 3 bearing pads properly spaced and an opposite pressure screw securing the rigidity of the mounting.

WHAT INDICOL DOES – The three types of readings performed by the indicator are:

  1. A concentricity positioning of the work relative to the spindle centerline
  2. The alignment of the edge of the work with the longitudinal or transversal movement of the machine table.
  3. The checking of the perpendicularity of the spindle centerline relative to the surface of the table. 

Indicol Breakout-138-178-200


138II Indicol w/Adjustol - 1-3/8" Diameter "C" Frame
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225II Indicol w/Adjustol - 2-1/4" Diameter "C" Frame
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200II Indicol w/Adjustol - 2" Diameter "C" Frame $145.57 View Product