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What Indicol is -- It is primarily a super time saver, a universal supporting means on a dial test indicator. It is readily adaptable on the machine quill extension by using its "C" frame clamp without disturbing the mounted cutting tool. Its frame is designed with 3 bearing pads properly spaced and an opposite pressure screw securing the rigidity of the mounting. The frame pivot and the articulations of its linkage are friction mounted. The pressure on the curved spring washers pushing on flat nylon bearings is not altered by the pivoting of the articulations.

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138 Indicol 1-3/8" Diameter "C" Frame
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*178 Indicol 1-7/8" Diameter "C" Frame (*Bridgeport "J" Head Size 1-7/8" Quill Extension)
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200 Indicol 2" Diameter "C" Frame
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225 Indicol 2-1/4" Diameter "C" Frame
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250 Indicol 2-1/2" Diameter "C" Frame
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275 Indicol 2-3/4" Diameter "C" Frame
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300 Indicol 3" Diameter "C" Frame
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Indicol (250II for CAT40 and BT40 Tool Holders)
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Workholding Tools from JT&M
Custom manufactured Indicol Tools

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing sells a variety of indicator holders to fit any application. Clamp-on indicator holders from Indicol are attached to the head of your milling machine using a C-clamp to measure without obstructing the path of the cutting tool. Indicol workholding tools are designed to be universal support for dial test indicators. Each indicator is capable of performing three types of readings:

  • The concentricity of the work in relation to the spindle centerline
  • The alignment of the edge of the work with the longitudinal or transversal movement of the machine table
  • The perpendicularity of the spindle centerline relative to the surface of the table     
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