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Get Consistent Results with Steel Reloading Dies from Janesville Tool

Whether you are looking for a reloading die for a 9mm or a reloading die for a 5.56, we manufacture the best custom arbor press reloading dies. By pairing one of our arbor presses with a custom reloading die set, you will have one of the best reloading presses for accuracy with consistent and reliable results.

All Janesville Tool products are made in America, so you can rest assured you are getting a quality product. Buying cheap reloading dies and presses may save you a little money initially, but once you have to replace anything or consider any product failures, you would have been better off buying quality to begin with. All presses and die sets from Janesville Tool are designed with durability and performance in mind to provide you with generations of consistent results.

Find the Best Standardized Die Set for Your Application:

All Janesville Tool arbor presses, dies and all their components are made entirely in the US at the same factory in Janesville, WI where we’ve been making top of the line presses and dies for over 50 years. Few to no other press manufacturers could say anything similar. With manufacturer-direct pricing and 24 hour shipping, there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

Custom Reloading Dies for Arbor Presses Built to Your Exact Specs

Need something fully custom-designed to your specs or just can’t find exactly what would best fit your unique application? Our engineers and designers will work with you to help design and build a custom die that will perfectly fit any application. If your custom die set needs to be made from a specific material, just let us know. We work with a variety of materials, from A36 steel to 300 stainless steel to cast iron. If you design it, we can build it.

Contact us for more information or take a look at our online CAD modeling program to input your specs and options and we’ll get you a quote.

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Outfit Your Workbench with our Wide Selection of Die Sets

Our die sets come standard with hardened pins and long-wear bushings with optional lengths to fit your job. From high-density A36 steel for larger projects to 300 series stainless steel for precision assembly, Janesville Tool offers a wide range of press die sets optimized for you, check out our array of press die components as well. 

Our dies are specialized for a variety of press applications:

Manufacturers have trusted the quality of our punch press die sets since the 1950's. Contact us today for steel die sets with impressive longevity. 

Shop all die sets for arbor presses available for custom manufacturing or purchase online from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.