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T-960 Manual Precision Toggle Press Click on Image to Enlarge

T-960 Manual Precision Toggle Press

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Price: $1,165.00

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In Stock

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T-960 w/70lbs. on Handle
Inches From Bottom of Stroke/Force in Pounds
.01 .02 .03 .04 .06 .12 .24 .50 .75 1.00
4276 3013 2453 2116 1646 1573 804 500 422 270

Quick Overview

The T-960 Precision Toggle Press is rated to withstand 4000 lbs. of force. This Precision Toggle press is ideal for pressing, punching, bending, shearing and staking of light gauge stock. The toggle action of this press works exceedingly well for the crimping of multiple terminals in electronic assembly work. The operator achieves a double crimp with each stroke of the handle by setting the toggle stop to go over center. The one inch diameter precision ground ram is in direct alignment with the hole in the base, allowing the tool designer easy alignment of punch and die tooling. The basic unit is furnished with a plain ram end, however, special ram end configurations can be furnished on request. Throat clearance on the T-960 is 4-3/4" from the center line of the ram to the column, and 6" from the ground base to the underside of the column casting. This throat height can be increased by placing a riser block between the ground base and column casting.


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View the T-960 dimensional drawing

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Download the owner's manual


Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Arrange Press For Die Set Mtg. Add Suffix (-A)
• Die Sets
• Riser Blocks
• Resettable Production Counter & Bracket (Model PC-960)


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