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Janesville Tool Pneumatic Presses

EC-66 Pneumatic Press
EC-66 Pneumatic Press


Janesville Tool Pneumatic Presses EC Series


The Janesville Tool pneumatic presses EC-Series (Economy) are ideal for small parts assembly, punching, shearing, and staking of light gauge metal or plastic. The head of the press may be adjusted for height with two (2) clamping screws and provides a safety dowel to prevent the press head from dropping onto the base. This dowel also keeps the ram in direct alignment with the center hole in base. A longer column and stroke length can be provided on special request.

All pneumatic presses come standard with a three-inch stroke and a adjustable down stop anti-rotate mechanism. Alternate stroke lenghts are available on request. Read More

Janesville Tool History

Janesville Tool History

Back in the late 1950s, George Gilman opened a machine shop in Janesville, Wisconsin. Like most machine shops back then, Janesville Tool and Manufacturing did a wide variety of general

Janesville tool history-picture of janesville tool logo
History of Gilman transitions into Janesville Tool & Mfg., Inc.

machining. But George was not only a good machinist; he was a talented inventor too. He often created special tooling and even special machines to make jobs faster, easier, and more profitable. Out of necessity, George built the first JT&M assembly press. It was a compact manual lever press that looked and worked like today’s ILP-500. Read More

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