Value Added Services

We Sell Direct

We sell direct for two reasons. First, because selling direct eliminates middlemen and saves money for our customers. Second, selling direct helps us stay close to our customers. We often get customer calls telling us how they are using our presses and how they like them. Our customers also make helpful suggestions for product improvements and new models. In return, we help customers learn more about our products. Selling direct is a real win-win situation for JT&M and our customers.

Buy Online

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing's complete product line availble to buy on our website. That means you can order any of our equipment online through the e-commerce portion of our web site.

FREE Applications Testing

Don't know which JT&M press will suit your application? We offer FREE application testing to help customers determine which JT&M press suits their needs. Send your application (parts) to us for testing, and we will test and recommend the Janesville Tool press best suited for your needs.

24-Hour Shipping

JT&M will ship your order within 24 hours of its receipt. This is made possible by keeping a sufficient inventory of presses and their component parts in stock at all times. Which is why JT&M products can be ordered, assembled, and shipped the very same day!