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JT&M - 3 Sided Press Guard for Pneumatic Presses - Model #G-678

$1,936.00 SKU: G-678


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The G-678 3 Sided Press Guarding prevents operators from reaching into the press during operation. Made from a sturdy wire mesh and high-quality interlocking aluminum frame, this guarding is sure to last while keeping any operator safe.

Compatible with pneumatic presses from the:

  • A-6000 series
  • A-7000 series
  • A-8000 series

Dimensions: 32"D x 29.5"W x 39"H


Note—Point of operation safety guarding or devices is the responsibility of the employer (user) of the machine as provided in ANSI B-11:1 as published by the American National Standards Institute.


Guard cage for pneumatic arbor press
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