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T-963 Precision Variable Ratio Press Click on Image to Enlarge

T-963 Precision Variable Ratio Press

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The T-963 variable ratio presses is rated to withstand 2000 lbs. of force. These allow the user 3" of vertical stroke per revolution of the handle. Ratios are 16:1, 9:1, or 7:1 depending on the gear selected. The press is pre-machined to accept either of the three pinion gears, however, the basic unit is provided with only one (1) gear. Additional gears to obtain alternate ratios are available as optional items. The precision ground ram is in direct alignment with the hole in the base, allowing the tool designer easy alignment of punch and die tooling.


You can configure each model individually by selecting the base model plus any additional attachments.

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Literature & Downloads

View the dimensional drawing

View the T-963 brochure

View manual press options

View the 2018 price list

Download the owner's manual


Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Die Sets
• Arrange Press For Die Set Mtg. Add Suffix (-A)
• Resettable Production Counter & Bracket (Model PC-960)
• Adjustable Down Stop (Model 967-10)
• Riser Blocks
• Up-Stroke Limiter (Model 967-09)
• Alternate Gearing


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