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P-5604 2 1/2 Ton Four Post 4 Stage Pneumatic Press

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*Stage Force w/4.5" inch diameter cylinder at:*



Force capacity  2 1/2 tons
Force at 60 psi  3,624 lbs
Force at 80 psi  4,832 lbs
Force at 100 psi  6,040 lbs
Cyl. STG.  4
Base length  12.25"
Base width  5.75"
Height  47.7"
1 3/4 Ton Pneumatic Arbor Press P-5453
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The P-5604 2 1/2 ton arbor air press comes standard with a three-inch stroke. Alternate stroke lengths are available upon request.The P-5604 2 1/2 ton pneumatic arbor press consists of a precision machined top plate and a four-post bottom casting that incorporates a multistage cylinder, allowing the user a force up to 6040 pounds. Dual hand photo-optic anti-tie down / anti-repeat controls are standard. The control box is separate and may be mounted in front of the press or on the side of a table.

The P-5604 Comes Standard With:
- Adjustable Opto-Touch Buttons.
- Three-Sided Guarding.
- Timer Kit.
- Cycle/Parts Counter.
- Air Filter and Regulator.
- PLC Controls With 4" Color Display.
- Anti-Repeat - Anti-Tie Down Controls.
- Adjustable Down Stop and Anti-Rotate Mechanism.

Optional Equipment:
- Die Sets
- Value Added Services
- Light Curtain With E-Stop
- Quick Exhaust Valves
- Force Monitoring
- Riser Blocks To Increase Throat Height
- Riser Feet To Allow For Remnant Drop Thru Base

Contact Janesville Tool with questions or for more information.



P-5453 dim-snip



View a full, printable P-5604 dimensional drawing


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View the P-5604 dimensional drawing

View the P-5604 owners manual




Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Tool Adapters 3/4"-10 Thread w/Special Nut (Model TA3/4-Length) (Choice of Lengths 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-1/2")
• Die Sets
• Arrange Press For Die Set Mtg. Add suffix (-A)
• Alternate Stroke Lengths
• Quick Exhaust Valves (Model 523)
• Riser Blocks
• Custom Tooling
• Light Curtain


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A-5604 Four Post 4 Stage Pneumatic Press
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P-5604 2 1/2 Ton Four Post 4 Stage Pneumatic Press $7,144.00 View Product