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2 1/2 Ton Arbor Presses

2 ½ Ton Pneumatic Arbor Press, Precision Made in the USA

There are still places where “Made in America” means more than “Well, it was designed in America.” Perfect example: Janesville Tool and Manufacturing. Since the late 1950s, we’ve been designing and building precision tools for a wide range of applications and industries. We don’t outsource anything, and we only use high-quality US metals. With manufacturer direct pricing, 24-hour shipping (1 to 2 business days for pneumatic presses) and deep customization options, there’s no reason to settle for anything less.

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A-5604 Four Post 4 Stage Pneumatic Press

Force Range: 3,624 - 6,040 lbs
Std. stroke length: 3"
Throat depth: N/A
Base dimensions: 5.75" x 12.25"
Height: 47.7"

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A-5604 2 ½ Ton Four Post 4 Stage Pneumatic PressCustom 2.5 ton pneumatic arbor presses from

If you want to understand why Janesville Tool and Manufacturing is so widely used throughout the US defense, aerospace, telecommunications and medical industries, look no further than the A-5604 pneumatic press.

This workhorse has a four-post bottom casting with a multistage cylinder capable of 6,120 lbs. of force. With standard dual hand photo-optic anti-tie down, anti-repeat controls and a three-inch stroke (alternate lengths available), it’s well equipped for a wide range of applications. Optional accessories make it even more adaptable, and deeper customization is available through our engineering department.

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