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One of two press models in the E-66/EC-66 series.

Force capacity  1/4 tons 1/4 tons
Force at 60 psi  396 lbs 396 lbs
Force at 80 psi  528 lbs 528 lbs
Force at 100 psi  660 lbs 660 lbs
Cylinder diameter  3.00" 3.00"
Throat depth  3.19" 3.19"
Base length  7.06" 7.06"
Base width  4.06" 4.06"
Height  20.09" 20.09"
1/4 Ton Pneumatic Arbor Press EC-66
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Reduce Your Production Costs with the Economy EC-66 Pneumatic Press.

The EC-66 1/4 ton pneumatic arbor press is ideal for small parts assembly, punching, shearing, and staking of light gauge metal or plastic. The head of the press may be adjusted for height with two (2) clamping screws and provides a safety dowel to prevent the press head from dropping onto the base. This dowel also keeps the ram in direct alignment with the center hole in base. A longer column and stroke length can be provided on special request.

EC-66 press standard features & specifications:

  • Adjustable flow controls up & down stroke
  • Filter & Regulator
  • Non lube operation
  • Two hand no tie down - non repeat controls 110v - 1amp
  • Three inch stroke
  • Adjustable down stop
  • Anti-Rotate Mechanism for cylinder
  • Powder coated frame and control box
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Reduce your production costs with the Economy Series Arbor E-66 and EC-66 Pneumatic Presses from Janesville Tool & Mfg., Inc.

Adjustable Down Stop for EC-66 Pneumatic Arbor Press

Press Dimensions

EC-66 Pneumatic Arbor Press Dimensions Front ViewEC-66 Pneumatic Bench Arbor Press Dimensions Side View

EC-66 Pneumatic Arbor Press Underside DimensionsEC-66 Economy Series Pneumatic Press Dimensions

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View the EC-66 press dimensional drawing

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  • Tool Adapters (Model TA1/2 - 13 thread w/special nut; Choice of length 1 1/2", 2 1/2", 3 1/3", 4 1/2")
  • Die Sets (#1MDS - #6MDS)
  • Filter/Regulator (Only E-66 / comes standard on EC-66)
  • G-0123 Three Sided Guarding
  • Longer Column Lengths
  • Alternate Stroke Lengths 


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