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AP-302 1 1/4 Ton 2 Stage Precision Pneumatic C Frame Press

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Additional Product Information

Stage Force w/4.5" inch diameter cylinder at:*

Force capacity  3/4 tons 1 1/4 tons 1 3/4 tons
Force at 60 psi  906 lbs 1,208 lbs 1,510 lbs
Force at 80 psi  1,812 lbs 2,416 lbs 3,020 lbs
Force at 100 psi  2,718 lbs 3,624 lbs 4,530 lbs
Stage cylinder  1 2 3
Throat depth  6.5" 6.5" 6.5"
Base length  11" 11" 11"
Base width  10.80" 10.80" 10.80"
Height  22" 26.9" 31.7"
Pneumatic Arbor Press AP-453
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The AP-302 1 1/4 ton pneumatic arbor press utilizes a casting that allows the user a working area of 10.8" W x 6.5" D. The 5/8" diameter hole in the base is precisely aligned to the ram.

The AP-302 1 1/4 ton C frame arbor air press comes standard with these important features:

The AP-302 comes standard with:
- Adjustable Opto-Touch Buttons.
- Three-Sided Guarding.
- Internal Timer Kit.
- Air Filter and Regulator.
- Anti-Repeat - Anti-Tie Down Controls.
- Adjustable Down Stop and Anti-Rotate Mechanism.

Optional equipment:
- Die Sets
- Value Added Services
- Quick Exhaust Valves
- Riser Blocks To Increase Throat Height

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The AP-302 1 1/4 ton Press comes standard with dual hand anti-tie-down/anti repeat controls, a three-inch stroke length, an adjustable down stop/ anti-rotate mechanism.  The Banner Opto-Touch buttons are adjustable for operator comfort.  The AP series press also comes standard with a three-sided guard, air filter & regulator and internal timer.  The column height can be increased by adding a riser block between the base and the column on special request.

Literature & Downloads

View the AP-302 press dimensional drawing

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View the AP Series Owners Manual


Any of the following options can be purchased with these models.
• Tool Adapters 3/4"-10 Thread w/Special Nut (Model TA 3/4-Length) (Choice of Lengths 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-1/2")
• Die Sets
• Arrange Press For Die Set Mtg. Add suffix (-A)
• Alternate Stroke Lengths
• Quick Exhaust Valves (Model 523)
• Riser Blocks
• Custom Tooling

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