Janesville Tool & Manufacturing designs & builds pneumatic bearing presses

Pneumatic press for automotive wheel bearings

Pneumatic Presses for Automotive Wheel Bearings & More 

Whether you're fitting bearings in automotive axels or into wheel assemblies for lunar rovers, having a precision pneumatic bearing press can make all the difference.

While manual arbor presses are fine for many assembly tasks, repetitive work results in operator fatigue. With a relatively low maximum force that remains constant through the entire stroke, our precision pneumatic presses are well suited for high-volume work.   

Pneumatic arbor presses are excellent for manufacturing automotive wheel bearings and axle bearings. The reliable precision and endurance of our pneumatic presses help your company manufacture wheel bearings in bulk to meet the automotive industry's high demand. The consistent, even pressure from a Janesville Tool pneumatic press helps seat wheel bearings (and other bearings) perfectly.

Built entirely in the USA using only US-sourced steel, Janesville Tool & Manufacturing presses are built to perform in a wide range of industrial environments. In addition to their use in the automotive industry, our precision pneumatic presses are widely used in the US aerospace, defense, telecom, and medical technology industries. No matter what size press you need for your bearing manufacturing, we have the one for you.

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Custom-Built Pneumatic Bearing Presses: Get Exactly What You Need

Don’t see what you need on our product pages? Our engineering staff will work with you to design and build a press specifically for your application. We can also modify any of our presses with a quick exhaust valve, air filter, timer kit, dual Opto-Touch® palm button, or virtually any other modification to ensure you get a press that meets your specifications. All custom orders include free in-house application testing to ensure your press does exactly what you need it to.  

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Why Janesville Tool & Manufacturing?

There’s a reason our presses are used by so many industries – actually, several reasons. They’re precision-made and built to last. They’re also entirely made in the United States, in the same small Wisconsin town where founder George Gilman started the company. Even the steel we use is U.S. sourced.

With deep customization options, manufacturer-direct pricing, and 24-hour shipping on most in-stock tools and parts, there’s just no reason to settle for anything less than a quality-built pneumatic bearing press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.

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