Best Uses for Arbor Press by Force Capacity

Which press should you use for your process?

The right arbor press can simplify repetitive assembly and fabrication processes that require consistent pressure for stamping, assembling, or forming workpieces. There are a lot of factors to consider when you're thinking about adding a Janesville Tool arbor press to your production facility. Some of those factors include:

Pneumatic or manual?

For high repetition manufacturing processes, a pneumatic press may be best. A pneumatic press will apply the same force for hundreds or thousands of cycles per day, minimizing physical strain on your manufacturing team members. A manual arbor press requires less maintenance to run, it also does not require a pressurized air supply. For some delicate operations like press-fitting parts, a manual press offers the advantage of being able to feel when you've applied the correct amount of pressure.

Force requirements

Most applications require specific force. Too much and you risk breaking the workpiece, too little will result in a flawed finished product. Pneumatic and manual presses both range in force from 1/8th ton to 4 ton. Applications like assembly may require a lower force output, while cutting, stamping and riveting may require more.

Proper stroke length

Getting the proper amount of ram travel can be essential to efficiency. If the stroke length is too long it can cause unnecessary slack in your assembly process that wastes time and energy, as well as tax the duty cycle of your air compressor for pneumatic presses. If your stroke length is too short it can cause an improper seat for assembly parts.

Find Presses for Your Punching Application:

Quality, American-Made Arbor Presses for Any Application Including:

Industrial Short-Run Production

Our specialty. Get a completely custom-build industrial arbor press for your specific manufacturing application. Choose hand operated manual hand ratcheting presses or automatic pneumatic air presses for maximum repeatability and precision processes.

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We've got automatic pneumatic & hand lever press punch presses for precision short-run production. An arbor punch press manufactured by Janesville Tool & Manufacturing is perfect for hole punching and completely customizable for your application.

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Metal Stamping

Each benchtop arbor die press manufactured by JT&M is built to handle tough precision metal stamping applications. Contact us for a quote on the most appropriate metal stamping arbor press for your project.

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Stamping, punching, embossing, riveting – you name it. Our world-class bench press machines are equipped to handle highly versatile leather applications. Choose a small precision leather arbor hand press from Janesville Tool & never again worry about low quality/lifespan.

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Ammo/Bullet Reloading

Small, cheap mechanical reloading presses with repeated use will wear out and fail. Can’t put a price on 100% industrial-grade reliability even for DIY applications. If you love what you do and want to enjoy it, you’ll love a premier quality reloading arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing.

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Jewelry Making

Consider a jewelry arbor press for metal stamps built by Janesville Tool & Manufacturing. Enough hammer stamping. Get the same, consistent pressure on every stamp with absolutely NO unpredictability.

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Guitar Fretting

Any imperfection in a guitar’s construction inhibits its natural sound. Janesville Tool & Manufacturing arbor presses have no room for imperfection. Our fret arbor presses make fretting guitars smooth and uniform all the way up the fretboard. You’ll never need another hand press for guitar fretting.

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Adapt a Janesville Tool arbor press for any number of precision broaching applications. Using an arbor press for broaching lets you perform the cut in on pass with absolute precision.

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A precision arbor press may be easily customized for assembling products made of Kydex. An arbor press for Kydex allows for consistently neat rivet, snap & eyelet applications.

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Whether you’re installing grommets on heavy canvas sailcloth, putting snaps on leather, or riveting denim, a customized arbor press for rivets will speed up your production and give you consistently excellent results.


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Light Duty

Just because the work is light-duty doesn’t mean you should settle for a lesser press, we can build an arbor press for light-duty and budgets. A custom manual arbor press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing is perfect for bending small metal pieces or leatherworking in a garage.

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Our wide selection of manual and pneumatic arbor presses guarantee we have the perfect tool for your needs. Whether it’s the aerospace, defense, telecom or medical industries we have the best arbor press for forging.

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Metal Forming

Pneumatic and manual arbor press are common in places that do metalworking. No matter the job from smaller scale garage metal forming like crimping, or punching holes, to bigger facilities that need precision bending. Janesville Tool & Manufacturing has the perfect arbor press for metal forming.

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Die Cutting

We create arbor presses for die-cutting that work for perfect for both metal and leather. Manual arbor presses are best suited for thin gauge metals and thin leather stock. Pneumatic presses are better for heavier work.

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Clean Room

Arbor presses are an important part of modern manufacturing. Industries like aerospace, defense, telecom and medical industries must maintain strict environmental control over their workspace or destroying their product before it even leaves the floor. Arbor presses for cleanrooms require the craftsmanship and support that only Janesville Tool & Manufacturing can provide.

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Assembly work requires the completion of the same repetitive task over and over again. Arbor presses for assembly work require the craftsmanship and support that only Janesville Tool & Manufacturing can provide. Don’t settle on an inferior product that will wear down faster.

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Pem Nuts

Janesville Tool & MFG provides the best support at great prices of high-quality arbor presses. An arbor press for PEM nuts is a great way to increase efficiency and add value to your operation. Each arbor press is made 100% in the United States and comes with the advantage of localized support.

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Whether it’s work with soft and easy to form LDPE or bullet-resistant polycarbonate an arbor press for plastics from Janesville Tool will give you an edge. Each arbor press is made 100% in the United States and comes with the advantage of localized support. Janesville Tool & MFG provides the best support at great prices of high-quality arbor presses.

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Creating beautifully embossed leather and paper products requires a precision press. An arbor press for embossing allows you to create consistent quality products in your workshop.

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Grommets and Eyelits

Custom presses from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing are perfect for textile shops that make curtains or repair tarps. Our grommet and eyelet arbor presses can be made to meet your specifications.

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