Arbor press machines for leather work: stamping, punching, embossing & riveting

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing offers a variety of manual hand presses for making leather goods

If you make or sell personalized or handmade DIY leather goods, a high quality manual hand arbor press is a must. A manual press provides faster and more consistent results - meaning you’ll easily be able to increase your production while lowering your working hours.

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1/2 Ton Arbor Press for Leather WorkArbor Press for Leather MakingEach of our benchtop presses are 100% American made and can be customized for your specific needs. Our engineering team works with you to build the perfect press for your application and desired results.

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A Customized Press for Your Leather Business

Need to set snaps, rivets and eyelets quickly? A customized manual hand press from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing makes that possible. We also offer die sets to easily customize any leather piece you want to make. Create uniform custom leather stamping with a manual arbor press.

Press Customization Form

Form belts and accessories to larger leather goods like handbags. A manual press will allow your operation to run more efficiently. Get the clean lines and precision you need to make your leather goods look professional.

Contact Janesville Tool & Manufacturing for a quote on a custom built manual arbor press for leather making.