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4 Ton Manual Arbor Presses - Built here in America

Janesville Tooling & Manufacturing has been the industry standard since the 1950's. We use only the best materials, all manufactured here in the U.S.A. to make the toughest, most durable presses on the market. Each unit is custom built to meet your assembly specifications. Our pneumatic and manual presses will last you a lifetime. So why settle for anything less than Janesville Tool? 

Get the perfect unit for your process, our press customization will ensure your machine fits assembly specifications. If you need a press now, don't let production grind to a halt, order with our 24-hour shipping (1-2 days for pneumatic presses).

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Model C-5000 Precision Cam Press

Force capacity: 4 ton
Max stroke length: 1"
Throat depth: 5.75"
Base dimensions: 16" x 10.06"
Height: 22.7"

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Our 4 ton Manual Presses deliver the heavy force needed for riveting, punching, bending, and other pressing applications. Customize your unit for a variety of assembly specifications. If you need a press NOW, Contact Janesville Tooling for our 24-hour shipping.

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