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Adjustol Retrofit for Indicols

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Model #100 Adjustol Retrofit for #138 - #200 Indicols
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Model #150 Adjustol Retrofit for #225 - #300 Indicols
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Now there's no need to disturb your indicator while adjusting it. The "Adjustol" allows extremely fine adjustment of your indicator by means of a patented differential screw. The "Adjustol" can be used Adjustol Retrofits for Indicols custom manufactured by Janesville Toolwith your Inidicol or any other indicator base to achieve precise, time saving adjustment -- the "C" spring design makes for zero backlash and extreme accuracy. The "Adjustol" is available as a retrofit (Model #100 & #150) for existing Indicols in the field. Simply replace the 1/4" dia. rod on the Indicol and you can have all the advantages of the "Adjustol". The "Adjustol" is also available on the MiniIndicol (Model #400II) or you can retrofit an existing MiniIndicol with model #100.

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