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Since the 1950’s, Janesville Tool has been building the toughest presses in America. We don’t outsource, we manufacture all of our products at our Wisconsin facility, giving us the highest quality, longest-lasting units on the market. When you buy Janesville Tool, you're buying a press for life. 

Every manufacturer is different. That’s why we have press customization for your assembly specifications. There’s no reason for production to halt, get your unit now with our 24-hour shipping (1-2 days for pneumatic presses).

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DT-6000 1/8 Ton Manual Precision Deep Throat Lever Hand Press

Force capacity: 1/8 ton
Max stroke length: 12"
Throat depth: 11.9"
Base dimensions: 9.88" x 19.5"
Height: 14.75"

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DT-6000-FS 1/8 Ton Manual Deep Throat Full Stroke Lever Hand Press

Force capacity: 1/8 ton
Max stroke length: 12"
Throat depth: 11.9"
Base dimensions: 9.88" x 19.5"
Height: 14.75"

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Our 1/8 ton Manual Presses are a cut above the rest. Perfect for circuit board assembly work as well as precision assembly work, staking, shearing, and punching of light gauge metal or plastic. Have specific requirements for your application? No problem, all of our units are fully customizable for your assembly specifications. Contact Janesville Tooling now for our 24-hour shipping (1-2 days for pneumatic presses) and keep production rolling.

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