MDS Die Sets With Hardened Bushings

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1 MDS Die Set For Arbor Press
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2 Post Die Set for arbor presses
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Two Post Die Set For Arbor Presses
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2 Post arbor press die set
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#5 MDS Steel Die Set
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2 post die set for Arbor Presses
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2 Post die set for arbor presses
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Smooth, repeatable precision every time - Exactly what you'd expect from Janesville Tool

The MDS line of die sets from Janesville Tool & Manufacturing are designed with precision in mind and consistency as our expectation. Riding on two hardened bushings, MDS die sets are perfect for use with a manual or pneumatic arbor press to assemble, stamp, or crimp perfectly every time.

Have specific requirements for your die set application? Contact Janesville Tool & Mfg to discuss a custom die set build.