3/8 Inch Diameter Straight Guide Posts

Janesville Tool and Manufacturing makes these guide posts for die sets from case hardened steel precision ground to bearing quality. Like everything else we manufacture, these are produced in our own facility in Janesville, WI. With over 50 years of experience manufacturing die sets and die components to exacting standards, we are a trusted supplier for thousands of businesses throughout the US. If you need a size or configuration not listed on our website, let us know. We will be happy to provide you a quote for a custom size guide post.

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Janesville Tool & Mfg Straight Guide Posts feature bearing quality case hardened and precision ground steel. Press Fit .3740/.3745

Straight Guide Posts - 3/8 inch through 5/8 inch

D1 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" 3/4"
Bore Size
Length (L) Press Fit Press Fit Press Fit Press Fit
3.50 2MDS-3 PP-004-014 PP-005-014 PP-006-014
4.00 PP-003-016 PP-004-016 PP-005-016 PP-006-016
4.25 PP-003-017 PP-004-017 PP-005-017 PP-006-017
4.50 PP-003-018 PP-004-018 PP-005-018 PP-006-018
4.75 PP-003-019 PP-004-019 PP-005-019 PP-006-019
5.00 PP-003-020 3MDS-3 4MDS-4 PP-006-020
5.25 PP-003-021 PP-004-021 PP-005-021 PP-006-021
5.50 PP-003-022 PP-004-022 PP-005-022 PP-006-022
5.75 PP-003-023 PP-004-023 PP-005-023 PP-006-023
6.00 PP-003-024 PP-004-024 PP-005-024 PP-006-024
6.50 PP-003-026 PP-004-026 PP-005-026 PP-006-026
6.75 PP-003-027 PP-003-027 PP-005-027 5MDS-5
7.00 PP-003-028 PP-004-028 PP-005-028 PP-006-028
7.50 PP-003-030 PP-004-030 PP-005-030 PP-006-030
8.00 PP-003-032 PP-004-032 PP-005-032 PP-006-032
8.50 PP-003-034 PP-004-034 PP-005-034 PP-006-034
9.00 PP-003-036 PP-004-036 PP-005-036 PP-006-036
10.00 PP-003-040 PP-004-040 PP-005-040 PP-006-040
11.00 PP-003-044 PP-004-044 PP-005-044 PP-006-044
12.00 PP-003-048 PP-004-048 PP-005-048 PP-006-048
13.00 PP-003-052 PP-004-052 PP-005-052 PP-006-052
14.00 PP-003-056 PP-004-056 PP-005-056 PP-006-056
17.00 PP-003-068 PP-004-068 PP-005-068 PP-006-068
20.00 PP-003-080 PP-004-080 PP-005-080 PP-006-080