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Pneumatic Presses

Settle for nothing less than the best. Janesville Tool & Manufacturing custom manufactures premier quality power, toggle, heat and other pneumatic arbor presses for highly customized production tasks. All presses and press parts are made entirely in the USA, manufactured in-house at our facility in Janesville, Wisconsin.

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All Pneumatic Presses
A-066 Precision Pneumatic Press

Force Range: 396 - 660 lbs

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A-1019 Deep Throat Precision Pneumatic Press

Force Range: 114 - 190 lbs

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A-1066 Deep Throat Precision Pneumatic Press

Force Range: 396 - 660 lbs

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P-6019 Precision Pneumatic Press

Force Range: 114 - 190

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User-Proven Reliability. Quality Construction.

Choose from JT & M’s stock of Arbor adjustable presses (A Series) for tool design, small parts assembly, staking, shearing, and punching light gauge material. Our Economy Series (E-Series) pneumatic presses reduce production costs with a streamlined benchtop design while providing JT & M quality.

Force Calculation

Model numbers are set up to give the user an indication of the force that can be obtained from the press. The last three numbers of the model number, when divided by 10 and multiplied by the air pressure will yield the output force of the press.

Janesville Tool & Manufacturing designs and builds pneumatic press machines of all different types:

Pneumatic Press Accessories

Build your own CAD model using our interactive tool.

Every JT & M Arbor pneumatic press for purchase is equipped with three-inch stroke and adjustable down stop anti-rotate mechanisms. Standard solenoid valves offer built-in adjustable flow control. All JT & M pneumatic presses for sale also feature:

  • User-proven reliability for over 50 years
  • Nonmetallic bearings to reduce friction for lube-free operation
  • Dual hand anti-tie down/anti-repeat controls
  • Alternate stroke lengths available on request
  • Standard anti-repeat controls
  • Modifications available for any specifications

*Product specifications and pricing subject to change without notice.